Mix it Up

by rchackman

My goals this offseason:

  1. Recover from last season
  2. Maintain a solid level of fitness
  3. Develop a solid foundation for next season.

Just to be clear, my season ended later than most peoples’ because I live, train and race in the Sunshine State, specifically in Hollywood, Florida. This post marks the tail end of my third week in the offseason. The first week after my first iron-distance race was real limited. I may have worked out twice after some days off. Last week I just ran a few times while I was still crafting an offseason list of weekly goals. I also did some new activities this past weekend, mainly tennis and climbing. Both these activities left me hurting and feeling pretty sore! This past week I began my offseason “routine”, which is not as regimented as the season’s.

My initial plan is to keep things simple. I plan on doing yoga three times a week. Core and strength work three times a week in the same session. Also, three runs a week with a swim and bike mixed in every now and then.  I plan on doing more running, as opposed to swimming and biking, because I enjoy that most out of the three. Some weeks however, I will replace the runs with swimming or biking so I don’t completely neglect those two sports.

After making this list of goals for a typical offseason week, I realized I may actually be doing the same number of workouts per week in the offseason that I do during a week in the season! I was then wondering if that is OK?

I must admit, these past two weeks after the season ended have felt a little weird…. I went from such a serious focus on swim, bike, run training to a more relaxed attitude about fitness. However, I found it difficult to turn off the drive to train hard. As such, I think my new list of weekly goals for the offseason is the cure I am looking for. It should allow me to stay focused on fitness while also giving me an opportunity to recover from the rigors of a season. After all, I want to be both healthy and motivated to train when that time rolls around this year.

However, I would not be surprised if I enter some sort of race, just for kicks, in the near future…