by rchackman

What a year ! I could not be happier with my results for this year… All the early morning workouts, two-a-days, discipline and hard work paid off. It was very fulfilling for me to stick to a plan, execute, and achieve the goal I was aiming for. I did some races earlier in the year but started training hard at the beginning of August after I took the Florida Bar. Some days were tough and some days were just a pleasure….all in all, I enjoyed every minute of the journey!

After I took the Florida Bar, I signed up for the half-iron at Miami Man. I trained hard for 16 weeks as an unemployed graduate of law school. When Miami Man was fast approaching and I had a job in place, I decided to extend my season and attempt my first iron-distance triathlon, which happened to be just 8 weeks after Miami Man. I had an aggresive training plan for the half-iron so I decided to just go for it… So I started work the Monday after Miami Man and kept training hard for my iron-distance tri. And on the first weekend in January 2012 I had a great race at HITS Naples where I came in just under 12 hours to cap off an excellent season.

I compiled all the stats below, which took me some time, because I had written everything by hand in 2011. This year, I have gone digital with Training Peaks but that is a conversation for another time.

Notable Stats

Total Time on a Bike: 154 hours, 40 minutes

  • The time equivalent of 6 and a half days

Total Time Running: 128 hours

Total Run Distance: 713.55 miles

  • The distance from Hollywood, Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Total Time Swimming: 58 hours

Total Swim Distance: 145,740 Meters (90.5 miles)

  • The equivalent distance from Key West, Florida to the nearest point in Cuba

90 miles to Cuba

Total time of Brick workouts: 29 hours, 20 mins

Total Time Other**: 56 hours, 25 minutes

Total time of events: 28 hours, 20 minutes

  • Events made up only 6% of all time spent working out….

2011 TOTAL TIME: 455 hours

  • Most time in a week: 18 hours, 5 minutes
  • Most time in a weekend: 10 hours, 15 mins

Races: I did 11 events in 2011…. No, that was not planned !

**Other includes (from greatest to least time) Elliptical, strength training, basketball, soccer, rowing, swim/run workouts, and walking

Disclaimer: The run miles and swim meters are not exact….Sometimes I like to leave the equipment at home on runs. However, I assure you the miles I actually ran are likely higher than my estimation because I gave very conservative estimates based on run time. Also, I am a stickler for data so I did GPS the majority of my runs. Similarly, some swims early in the year were just timed but, I gave very conservative estimates for those distances as well.