Wedding Season

by rchackman

You won’t find this part of the season in any training plan. But I have just concluded this wonderful and unique aspect of the offseason where you get to party and refuel for the upcoming season. This season, Wedding Season, consisted of three weddings in the past month that I had the pleasure to attend. And attend I did.

Let me tell you a little about Wedding Season…..

In Wedding Season, the weekends are not filled with workouts but rather with dancing, or lack thereof on my part. PACE is really about lasting the whole weekend when you have a rehearsal dinner one night and a wedding the evening after. Pace also presents itself in the form of libations. Drink too much and you bonk before the party is over or you limp to a finish. Drink too little and you left some effort out there on the dance floor. LAPS is all about how many times you have walked around the party to scout out the next conversation or source of entertainment. Hydration consists of a cold Stella Artois at an open bar…. and don’t get me started on nutrition! The most important part of one’s nutrition strategy is saving room for desserts! Ice cream. All sorts of chocolate. Yes, the list goes on. Not a care in the world.

Throughout wedding season, my weekends have been more about fun than fitness! With that being said, I have not neglected fitness…just reduced everything. By everything, I am referring to the number of swim, bike, and run workouts and time spent working out. I have been averaging around 6 hours a week since the HITS iron-distance race in January. I have not woken up to swim, bike or run before work once and have been somewhat alright with this schedule. Like I said in earlier posts, it took some time to come to grips with easing off a little bit. However, I feel pretty damn good now and I am already looking forward to getting back into training for the 2012 season.

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Now that Wedding Season has concluded, I am looking to gain some momentum before I really buckle down and get ready for Ironman 70.3 Florida in May.