13.1 Marathon Miami Beach

by rchackman

Summary 1:50:34.2 13.20 164
1 8:42.7 1.00 150
2 8:52.1 1.00 155
3 8:35.8 1.00 155
4 8:24.6 1.00 161
5 7:53.8 1.00 164
6 8:24.8 1.00 162
7 8:10.3 1.00 166
8 8:06.9 1.00 169
9 8:33.0 1.00 168
10 8:38.9 1.00 166
11 8:40.3 1.00 168
12 8:45.8 1.00 166
13 7:21.9 1.00 181
14 1:23.3 0.20 186

Race Start ————> 6:13 AM

Sunrise —————> 6:39 AM

I signed up for the race to have some fun and see what kind of shape I am in this offseason. I have been running regularly around 3-4 times a week. Not much swimming and biking going on these days. Ahhhhhh the freedom of the offseason! With that being said, my expectations were realistic. I knew I was not running for a PR. I know I am not currently in peak shape. So the idea was to go out there and have some fun.

This race marks a first for me in that I had the pleasure of running with a friend of mine. The first seven or eight miles felt like a breeze. Race day excitement and a friend to talk to made the miles tick by! However, after about mile 8 we both went silent. It was great to have a friend to run with. Both of us were there for the atmosphere and a nice run. It worked out real well.

Our plan was to keep it conservative at least through the first six miles. I wanted to hold a 9 min/mile pace through the halfway point and then open it up to see what I had left in the tank. However, it turned out that I held a steady pace and had the last mile to open it up and attempt to finish in under 1:50:00. I was close but was not able to pull it off.

My tasty race nutrition!

All in all, the race went well. It was my first race with US Road Sports 13.1 Marathon Series.

The benefits of living and racing by the beach…Post race dip in the ocean!