Tea Time with Mr. Triathlon

by rchackman

Mr. Triathlon is a purely fictional, elite triathlete on Twitter. So this interview never actually happened. Only in my mind and transcribed here in this blog post. The tweets from Mr. Triathlon have come at various times. I follow Mr. Triathlon on Twitter and enjoy his thoughts on living life as a champion triathlete! Enjoy the look into the mind of a champion.

Mr. Triathlon how are you? Pleasure to meet you. What are you up to nowadays?


So, how has the IM training been going? Good?


I have been hearing rumors concerning you and the Mrs., is it true?


What will that mean for your training schedule?


Are you sure that is enough time for the Mrs. and the new Baby Cervelo? I heard you have a rocky relationship with your parents due to your ever growing participation in triathlon. They even told me you applied for a Kona lottery slot at 7 years old.


Mr. Triathlon, I know this is a hot topic so I want to make sure I get your thoughts on the matter. How do you feel about Lance Armstrong’s recent race in Panama?


What are you doing tonight? I know you have a tune-up race tomorrow. Do you have any pre-race rituals?


Any last piece of advice to the masses of fans out there?