USAT University

by rchackman

Learned a lot of things when I put my coaching hat on this past weekend at the USAT Level 1 Coaching Certification Clinic. It is interesting how a shift in perspective can really bring some training issues to light. Better yet, the Certification Clinic was in my back yard, Hollywood, Florida. I had been waiting months for this weekend.

Since I am currently the only athlete I coach, here are 3 things I took away:

  1. Really need to address strength issues and incorporate strength workouts into the annual training plan. A strong CORE gives you MORE…. balance, flexibility and power. These are THREE key ingredients to a solid TRI athlete.
  2. Who am I kidding??? I have ZERO swim skills. I have known this for years and I have not taken steps to address it. Haven’t had a single swim lesson in my life. I really need to develop my swimming skill set.
  3. Last but certainly not least… Recovery is a continual commitment and, deceivingly enough, comes in many guises! Be aware. Train smart.

How will I address these issues? Good question.

  • TRX Training to improve my strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Swim lessons to assess and then develop my swim skills (perhaps join a swim club)
  • Oh recovery! Manage: sleep hours and quality, RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), active warm ups before workouts, proper cool-down, improve flexibility, and very importantly, stretch.
Some things I did well last year:
  • Surprisingly enough, daily nutrition might have actually been my biggest improvement. I managed a very balanced diet throughout the training season! Need to keep it up. Also managed proper race nutrition, especially, as my training and races got longer.
  • Excellent season of training! Stuck to the plan and hit my goals.

Also, learned that there is so much more to learn……and I certainly plan on continuing to expand my swim, bike, run experiences and knowledge! Thanks to Bob Seebohar, Shelly O’Brien and Dara Wittenberg for the informative classes and discussions! Much appreciated. Also thanks to Loryn Cozzi at USA Triathlon.

The General Prep phase of my 2012 season begins this week. Hello, Great Floridian!