The Book of Life

by rchackman

I have recently decided to keep a workout journal of sorts in order to keep a better eye on my nutrition, recovery, and life. If I had a great workout I would like to understand why so I can replicate it. Likewise, if I have a bad day I would like to use the information I gather to figure out an explanation. So much goes into training and recovery that I find myself overlooking important aspects of both.

To be clear, I have been keeping track of workouts for years. However, that often leaves me with very little information about that actual day. Think about it; If you work out for one hour a day, that is only 4% of your 24 hour day. What are you doing in the other 23 hours? Is this going to help or hurt your next workout? What did you eat before the workout? How long did you sleep the night before? the night after?

When I look back at those past workouts, I have more questions about the context that cannot be answered by the workout stats.  I kind of feel like i have been cheating myself over these past few years. I have a bunch of workouts in Training Peaks but very little information besides that to analyze.

It has been a long road to this point but the time has come; I now realize just how important the role that nutrition, recovery (especially sleep), and life play for an athlete in training. That goes for any sport, not just triathlon.

That being said, I want to keep track of food, fluid, sleep cycles and how my workouts felt. I have been writing down my thoughts from the workout as my friend Silver suggested. Whether it felt harder than usual, easier, etc. I am using a daily calendar you can find in an Office Depot.

What part of your training do you keep track of ?