by rchackman

Training solo has its own obstacles. One of which is keeping workouts fun. Not every workout has to be fun but at the end of the day, I train and race triathlon for a good time. So going out and doing the same types of workouts becomes monotonous and, dare I say, a little boring.

In training, as in life, we forget that it is fun to try new things, to break out of our habitual routines. After all, that is what got me into triathlon in the first place; it was a new and exciting challenge to take on. Breaking out of our comfort zones allows us to learn and grow as individuals.

Yesterday evening, I decided to break from my “normal” workout and try something a little different. Instead of driving to the pool for a swim. I decided to run there on the scenic route, swim at the pool and then run home. Lucky for me, I live close enough to my pool that I can do this. My workout looked like this:

50 min run

10 min cool down

40 min swim

lace up my shoes

20 min run

10 min walk cool down

I wrote this to remind you to mix up your training a little bit. Have fun. Try something new and exciting, even if it is not in your training plan!