IM 70.3 FL Preview

by rchackman

You gotta love the first race of a new season. With that being said, there are a lot of UNKNOWNS for me going into this race. Normally, I would build up to a half-ironman and race some sprints and olympic distance tris to test my fitness level. Not this time!

I signed up for this race 5 months ago thinking that I would have the time to recover from my iron-distance race in January and then some. However, my 2012 season plan is based on Great Floridian in October. If you have noticed, I only began “serious” training last week. My offseason (jan 9 – may 10) looked something like 6 workouts and around 6 hours a week.  In essence, I actually have no idea where my fitness level is at. I know I am nowhere near peak shape. So where am I when it comes to endurance and speed? I really have no idea.

I will find out a lot about my current fitness level this Sunday at Ironman 70.3 Florida. This is also somewhat scary as well! I wonder how much fitness is left over from last season? Hopefully enough to get me across that finish line. That brings me to GOAL #1 for this race; cross the FINISH line !