Macca is Back

by rchackman

Some of you are wondering where Chris Macca McCormack even went? Well, he did not actually go anywhere but we haven’t heard too much from him in his year-long bid to make the Australian Olympic triathlon squad. However, Triathlon Australia (TA) recently announced the triathlon  team and Macca was left off the list. TA decided to go with Brad Kahlefeldt, Courtney Atkinson and Brendan Sexton instead. He was offered a reserve spot but declined the offer.

What did Macca have to say about the bad news?

This weekend, Macca will return to long distance racing at Ironman Cairns in order to validate his slot for Kona, Hawaii in October.

He had no problem shifting his focus back to long distance racing rather quickly. Even before the news of the Olympic selections came out, he was pretty clear that he would like to make a return to Kona for the IM World Championship.

Also, Triathlete Europe caught up with Macca recently and they even got to talking about a certain man named Lance Armstrong and his recent return to the sport of triathlon.

What are your thoughts about Lance Armstrong coming back to the sport?
MACCA: There’s so much talk and hype around Lance, and everyone’s pussy footing around the bloke. I think it is great that Lance is coming back to triathlon and racing Ironman. It’s great for our sport. I know he wants to be a contender but I am ready to race him and beat him.

Can Lance be a contender?
MACCA: There’s a lot of hype. I want to smash him. Look at his times. He’s probably a minute down on the swim on the fastest guys. I know he will ride to the front, he should – he’s best the cyclist in the world and has seven Tour de France wins to prove it, but this is triathlon and he has to run. I look at my strengths and his, and he won’t be able to run with me. Look at the performances in all his races. His run has fallen apart in the latter stages of the run in every race. I run for dough and he doesn’t run as well. I look forward to it. You can’t do that if you want to win Kona. Lance I am better than you. Bring it on. I can’t wait to race him.

Macca left with these thoughts “Its back to my day job of racing long”

Well Macca, your antics have been missed.  Welcome back !