Week 4

by rchackman

Week 4 in my 24 week training plan to Great Floridian is done! I missed my mark on this week but felt like I needed the extra recovery time. I was pretty banged up in Week 3 coming out of Ironman 70.3 Florida. Having fought through Week 3, I was feeling it this past week. My legs were heavy and I constantly felt tight, no matter how much stretching I did.


Tue May 29 – (PM) 45:00 treadmill Run

Wed – (PM) 40:00 Swim (1750 yards)

Thu – (PM) 1:30:00 Bike

Fri – (PM) 1:20:00 Elliptical

Sat – (AM) 1:30:00 Brick, (PM) 55:00 Swim (2000 yards)

Sun – (AM) 1:00:00 Run

Total: 7 workouts ——–> 2 swim, 1 bike, 2 run, 1 elliptical, 1 brick

Total Time —————-> 7:40:00

In week 5 I am looking to get back to some strong training. I will add some fartleks in to the first run of my week and some short sprints on the bike. In true Weekend Warrior fashion, my long workouts will be for the weekend.

How is your training going so far ? What event are you training for? Have a great week!