Week 5

by rchackman

This week went well. I managed to wake up on wednesday morning and I am finding it very difficult to wake up to get an early AM workout in. Soon there will be little room for flexibility. I have compensated  for this by doing longer PM workouts.

Also, I actually made it to YOGA last Monday, which I am very happy to report. I really want to make yoga a regular part of my routine for strength, balance and flexibility benefits on the physical side and composure, relaxation, and focus on the mental side. Hopefully I will get in another one or two yoga classes this week.

Mon June 4 – 45:00 Yoga !

Tue – (PM) 45:00 Run to the pool, 45:00 swim (1850 yards), 25:00 Run home

Wed – (AM) 1:15:00 Bike

Thu – (PM) 2:00:00 Brick ———> 1:25:00 Bike, 35:00 Run

Fri – (PM) 1:30:00 Run

Sat – (AM) 3:15:00 Bike, (PM) 45:00 Swim (2000 yards)

Sun – (PM) 1:40:00 Run

7 workouts —————–> 2 swim, 2 Bike, 2 Run, 1 Brick

TOTAL TIME —————-> 12:20:00

I have yet to register for any tune-up races yet so I am starting to consider some races in the coming months. I really want to find a half iron race around late Spetember as my last test before Great Floridian. However, I don’t see any in Florida around that time. Considering IM 70.3 Augusta, which is the last weekend in September.