Week 6

by rchackman

Week 6 of my build up to Great Floridian felt great. I included a walk on my recovery day and yoga to start my day on Wednesday. The harder training gets, the more important recovery becomes.

I also did some strength work on Saturday, followed by the elliptical, to change up the routine a bit. I was getting tired of swim, bike and run workouts. Although, strength workouts always seem to hurt that much more when you have not been lifting.

I was dreading the pain that would become the run leg of my brick on Sunday. I went hard on the run to assess my fitness at this stage. I felt strong. The run portion was only 30 mins and I used the first 5 mins to ease into it and then progressively raised the speed on the treadmill by half a minute per mile pace, every 5 mins or so, until the run was done. I was happy with the outcome.


Mon June 11 – (PM) 40 min walk

Tue – (PM) 40:00 run to the pool, 45:00 swim (2000 yards), 25:00 run home

Wed – (AM) 1 hour of yoga, (PM) 1:20:00 bike

Thu – (AM) 1:15:00 bike, (PM) 45:00 run

Fri – (PM) 1:15:00 bike

Sat – (AM) 45:00 run, (PM) 45:00 strength, 30:00 Elliptical

Sun – (AM) 1:45:00 Brick, (PM) 50:00 swim (2000 yards)

Total: 1 yoga, 1 strength, 1 walk, 1 elliptical, 2 swim, 3 bike, 4 run, 1 brick

Total: 11 hours (not including the walk and yoga)

I had to fight with myself a little bit last week to stay on target. For some reason, it was tough for me to get into it mentally last weekend. I powered through and am glad I did. Consistency pays off. Well, at least I am hoping it does.