Week 7 – Filling the Bucket

by rchackman

Another week, another step closer to Great Floridian… Its funny how many of us take the time to train months and months for a singular event. Sure, we race many times leading up to the big day but those are just small pieces of the big puzzle. In fact, we train to build the endurance, speed, and strength necessary to reach our goals. Well, this is an every day effort. A little here, a little there. When the time comes, you want to be ready. Expressed simply, you need to FILL the BUCKET !

Training wise, the week was good because I have felt some of my recent fitness gains. I worked on speed Tuesday and Wednesday. Also, I spent a lot of time on the trainer this week and by Friday I was feeling it. I decided to get a massage Friday night to get ready for the weekend, which had me feeling psyched and ready to go. The long workouts on the weekend felt pretty good as a result.


Tue Jun 19 – (PM) 50:00 Run

Wed – (PM) 2:00:00 Brick

Thu – (PM) 1:20:00 Bike

Friday – (PM) 1:30:00 Bike, 60 min MASSAGE

Sat – (AM) 3:30:00 Bike, (PM) 1:00:00 Swim, 35:00 recovery Run

Sun – (AM) 1:50:00 Run, (PM) 1:10:00 Swim

9 workouts – – 2 swim, 3 bike, 3 run, 1 brick

Time Total – – 13:45:00 (not including the massage)

This week is a recovery week and I signed up for the Independence Day Triathlon on, you guessed it, July 4th. When else would I get to race mid-week ? Actually, this race is at Tradewinds Park where I did my first race in 2008 so I am pretty excited .