Cause you had a Bad Day…

by rchackman

You know those days when you go for a run and just feel like it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? Your legs hurt, your lungs are on fire and you are already going too slow to slow down anymore. Me too. The weird thing is you were cruising yesterday and felt great. In fact, the last few weeks of workouts have been strong but for some reason running that day was horrendous….

Does that sound familiar?

I have now had a few of those days this season. Maybe a handful at most. Since I started keeping my, accurately named, “recovery journal“, I have been able to pinpoint the reasons behind those awful runs. One or two were directly due to fatigue because I did not get enough quality sleep. The other had everything to do with dehydration. Both were equally terrible.

I was able to pinpoint the problem because I keep track of my food, water and sleep. Three key aspects of recovery between workouts. What I am ultimately getting at is that BAD DAYS are completely preventable if you properly fuel, hydrate and get enough sleep. So, keep that in mind when you are up late at night watching TV. Keep it in mind to drink a little water for every hour you are awake. Most importantly, keep that in mind when you are deciding what to eat.