Week 9

by rchackman

Two things really stood out this week. The hurt in both the sprint and Sunday’s long run in the heat. I pushed hard in the race in an attempt to break the hour mark. I fell a few minutes short but was pleased anyway. Training for long distances does not necessarily make you faster over short distances. Also, i slept in a little on Sunday and paid for it on my run as it was ridiculously hot. Glad I fought through both tests.

Tue July 3 – 45:00 Run

Wed – Independence Day Triathlon 1:02:28 (.25 mile swim, 10 mile bike, 3 mile run)

Thu – 1:45:00 Bike

Fri – 40:00 Run

Sat – 4:00:00 Bike, 1:00:00 Swim

Sun – 2:10:00 Run

7 workouts —- 1 swim, 2 bike, 3 run, 1 triathlon

Total Time —– 11:22:28