Week 10

by rchackman

The week was going well and then I decided to actually get social….In a rare move, I went out for a change on both friday and saturday. I paid for it on Sunday. Maybe some people can train a lot and go out but I find it hard to do both over the weekend. I would much prefer an early dinner with some friends as opposed to staying out late at the bar.

Tue July 10 – (AM)1:50:00 Bike, (PM) 50:00 Swim

Wed – (PM) 50:00 Run

Thu – (AM) 1:30:00 Bike, (PM) 50:00 Run

Fri – (PM) 1:10:00 Bike

Sat – 1:05:00 Swim, 3:00:00 Brick (50 min run)

Sunday – day off

Workouts —- 2 swim, 3 bike, 2 run, 1 brick

Total Time — 11:05:00