Week 11

by rchackman

I would say this week was the first stumble of my season but I am seemingly well rested and plan on coming back strong for Week 12 and the second half of my 24 week training to Great Floridian in October.

Decided to make this week a recovery week since I traveled to a friend’s wedding in Chicago over the weekend. The wedding was a blast! However, thinking ahead I should have maximized last week’s training. Instead, and as I mentioned in the Week 10 post, I decided to enjoy that weekend. If I had looked one week ahead I should have known that I would not be able to find the time for a full training week and plan accordingly. Lesson learned.

It also served as a solid rest week. I was not initially planning on taking a recovery week but realized my life would be ten times easier if I took a realxed week here.

Mon July 16 – (PM) 55:00 Run

Tue – (AM) 2:00:00 Bike

Wed – (PM) 50:00 Swim

Thu – Massage/Day Off

Fri – Travel and 45:00 Run

Sat – Travel home/day off

Sun – (AM) 2:00:00 Bike

Workouts —— 1 swim, 2 bike, 2 run

Total Time —- 6:30:00