Week 12

by rchackman

This week concludes the first half of my season. As I have mentioned before, I am on a  24 week training plan for Great Floridian in October.

Looking back on the first 12 weeks, I know I need to keep working hard. I will start to incorporate a little bit more of focused workouts. I have done a decent job of using different workouts (intervals, steady state, endurance, recovery) but I can do a lot better, especially with biking and running. I also need to find races that will fit my schedule in August and September.

The race on Sunday was tough but also invigorating. It served as a great reminder of why I compete in the first place, to challenge myself. Last week overall was fun and focused. I enjoyed my Run-Swim-Run session on Wednesday and kept the momentum going through the race. I have stoked the figurative fire for the second half of the season. Gotta keep moving forward.

Mon July 23 – (PM) 1:00:00 Run

Tue 24 – (AM) 2:00:00 Bike, (PM) 1:00:00 Swim

Wed 25 – (PM) 40:00 Run to the pool, 40:00 Swim, 20:00 Run home

Thu 26 -(PM) 1:20:00 Bike

Fri 27 – (PM) 50:00 Run

Sat 28 – (AM) 1:10:00 Bike, (PM) 20:00 Swim

Sun – Huntington’s Disease Triathlon 2:42:16

10 workouts —– 3 swim, 3 bike, 3 run, 1 triathlon

Total Time ——- 12:02:16