Revelation: Offseason

by rchackman

So I started an informal gym routine last week and I am shocked to reveal what I have found. I AM WEAK. Not mentally. And my swim, bike, run endurance is certainly not an issue. However, two trips to the weight room and I could hardly walk after. The worst part about it is that I did not even use weights in the majority of my exercises. I just did some exercises that targeted my core; planks, squats, lunges, pushups, bird dog, hip adduction and abduction.

I clearly neglected strength training and have payed the price. The soreness is humbling…. the realization that I have a lot of work to do in the gym is exciting. This is clearly an area that I have an opportunity to improve.

Last offseason, I vowed to address my limiters (strength, balance and flexibility) but, in reality, I just ignored them. I know how to improve them. However, it is another thing entirely to push aside the urge to swim, bike and run and take the time to address those limiters. As I reflect on my season, I see that I may have benefitted a lot more from a more focused offseason. Instead, I kept on swimming, biking and running with little direction and few concrete goals, if any. I tricked myself into thinking I was doing something constructive for next season. While I maintained a decent base of fitness, that was about it, and it seems to have done little good in the grand scheme of things.

This offseason, I pick up where I strayed last offseason. And this time, I will hold myself accountable for strength, balance and flexibility improvements. It is hard to see now but, I know this is just the beginning of preparation for the next challenge. Preparation that will serve me well later on down the road.