New Year, New Goals

by rchackman

Chances are, you made a new year’s resolution, or several vaguely defined, “I wanna get in shape” and “eat healthier” type of resolutions. Unfortunately, those are the dangererous type of resolutions. Don’t kid yourself. That new gym routine may last a week or two, the healthier eating may last a few weeks longer but, in the end, you will return to your normal habits and routine. Why?

Goals, resolutions, benchmarks, aspirations, desires, targets or objectives; Its all semantics. Goals are concrete, resolutions are vague; Cliche, yet closer to the truth…

The main problem is that we fail to create a system of resolutions where we make slow, calculated progress. Of course, that would not be much fun because everyone wants sweeping change overnight with seemingly little effort. But, that is exactly the point, I doubt people really want to keep those New Year resolutions. To do so would require dedication, discipline and plain old hard work. In sticking to a resolution, you will meet roadblocks, setbacks, and obstacles that make you second guess your seemingly simple resolution. That’s just it, your vaguely defined resolution was the easy part. While it’s easy to make a resolution, its harder to implement and even harder yet to turn that resolution into a normal aspect of your everyday life.

Fortunately, you have not failed yet and there is still time to sit down and prepare an actual plan for progress towards your New Year resolution. First off, choose one or two resolutions to focus on, even better if they are complementary. Use the SMARTER criteria to actually define, plan, and measure progress towards your resolution. Make a schedule and keep records to measure your improvements, obstacles and accomplishments. Tell family and friends to get input, feedback and a solid network of support. Start now, you can thank me later!