Road Rage

by rchackman

I usually bike on my trainer during the week because it is convenient. However, my neighborhood isn’t exactly a safe haven for cyclists.

I mean what triathlete or cyclist doesn’t like to get off the trainer and spend some time in the great outdoors, especially for those long rides. But, depending on where one lives, these rides can be quite dangerous. A danger mostly attributed to cars and drivers. There have been plenty of times personally when cars brush by me on the bike and leave me thinking to myself whether I was even noticed in the first place. I genuinely fear for my life at times.


I have been  honked at, cursed at, and pursued by cars with angry drivers. I have swerved from cars that are rolling through stop signs or not looking both ways. I have braked within inches of cars trying to beat me to the turn. At the very best, drivers are not looking out for cyclists. At the worst, drivers are flat out disregarding the dangers a moving vehicle poses to cyclists.


Good idea. In any event, remember to BIKE safe out there!