Lance Armstrong

by rchackman

Here is the deal. Short and sweet since just about everything has already been said on the subject in countless articles, blog posts, op-eds, and podcasts. Frankly, I don’t have much to say anyway.

My views on Armstrong have gone from respect to awe and now to simple disdain. I believe I am nearing the point of apathy. Do I really care that he doped? Simple answer. Nope. I actually find some merit to the argument that “everyone else was doing it”. Doping has been the culture of the sport of cycling for some time now and as such, the UCI has some of its own issues to deal with.

However, I find it outright despicable that this guy would continually lie to anyone willing to listen. He has destroyed careers to support his lies. He has sued to support his lies. He has hid behind Livestrong for many years now. All the while, after taking a quick look at Armstrong’s rise and subsequent fall, I see nothing more than a sad fraud. A cheat of course but, even worse, a liar and a poor excuse for a man.