Best Life of my Shape

by rchackman

No, the title is not a typo. In fact, the title is my overriding goal this season.

Before I explain, let me back-track a bit and let you know how I got here. I spent 24 weeks of last year, from mid-May to late-October, training for the Great Floridian Ultra, an iron-distance triathlon. The workouts (also my job) consumed my early mornings, evenings and weekends. However, I also spent most of that time sluggish, stressed and generally suffering from low motivation.

The sad part is that sports have always been my outlet and something I can usually count on to lift my spirits. So, how did something I love doing become yet another stressful chore in life?  Well, I’ve been in triathlon since 2008 and I feel like I made a rookie mistake; Last year, I failed to take account of my life outside of triathlon.  I looked at my demands in triathlon and life as separate and distinct from one another. And I definitely paid the price.

This year, I want to get in the best shape of my life. However, the training and workouts can only get me so far. So in order to really peak, I need to make good decisions, outside of the training, that will give me the greatest benefits. In order to do so, I am focusing on changing and monitoring a few things. First off, I think nutrition is one of the most important aspects that an athlete can focus on for improvement and that’s exactly what I have been doing in 2013 thus far; I am instilling good eating habits now so that I have a good system in place for when I am ready to increase the training. I am also making sure to lay a solid foundation early on this year so that I have a great base to work with when the volume increases.