Damage Control

by rchackman

Following up with last week’s post about being more flexible with training and life, I had my first little test this weekend. It was a busy wedding weekend and I have been absolutely swamped with work. Rather than trying to train through the weekend as I was accustomed to doing in the past, I decided to take it pretty easy. This way, I was able to have a good time and get some work out of the way as it would have been real rough trying to party, work and also train. I am sure that I would have fought through this week both stressed and tired. Instead, I am feeling relaxed and ready for a nice training week ahead.

In fact, this week begins a training block for IM 70.3 FL in late May. Along the way, I have Nautica South Beach (olympic distance) and a half-marathon in April. I am well rested and excited to start the first training block of the year. Following IM 70.3 FL, I plan to assess the situation and decide on a schedule for the second half of the year. This may or may not include the Chicago Marathon as I have already put my name into the lottery. I find out in a week whether I get a spot.