IM 70.3 FL Round 2

by rchackman

Ironman 70.3 Florida

When: May 19, 2013

Where: Haines City, Florida

The SHORT & SWEET version:

I wish I can say I learned from last year’s race at IM 70.3 FL 2012 and put some of that knowledge towards this one but the 1 minute time differential between last year and this year would say otherwise.


1.2 mile Swim – 39:34

T1 – 3:38

56 mile Bike – 2:53:27

T2 – 3:50

13.1 mile Run – 2:11:57

TOTAL – 5:52:26


Pre-race Nutrition —–> Not sure I did right by myself here but, I had an Ensure Plus (350 cals) and a corn muffin (250 cals) at 4 AM, a little over three hours before my wave was set to go off at 7:20 AM. Drank about 6 fl. oz of Gatorade and about 16 fl oz of water. Confession: I never ate either one of these foods prior to training sessions in lead up to the race. Probably not too bright of me in that respect.  Ended up cramping a good deal in the first 4 miles of the run so I am left wondering whether my choice for breakfast was to blame.

Logistics —–> Laid down for another hour and left the hotel at about 5:15 AM to get to transition. Actually got a little lost and only made it transition around 5:50AM, only 10 mins before it was set to close. Just kept my cool and set everything up as my bike was already there.

[Insert obligatory trip to the porta-potty here]

Warm-Up —–>  Did my walk-jog routine for about 35 minutes from 6:35 to 7:10 AM.

Swim ——> Surprisingly, got into a good routine very quickly. The wave start helps break people apart and it is much needed as the swim course is an odd “M” shape with six 90 degree turns. Confession: I may have swam twice in the last month. All that being said, I was really pleased with my swim as my time was right in line with previous half-irons.

Bike —–> Here is where a 70.3 can get tricky as pace, nutrition and the conditions start to come into play. I went out fairly fast and did a good job to hold on to that speed. I was actually really happy with how I dealt with the hills in the last third of the course. At what price though? Not sure if I spent too much energy trying to conquer those hills on the last third of the course as fatigue set in during the last few miles on the bike.

Run —–> 3 loops of the 4.4 mile course around the neighborhood surrounding Lake Eva Park. Two fairly notorious hills in the first 1.5 miles of the loop.   It started painful with cramping in the first loop of the run and just got progressively worse from there. The second and third loop of the run made me feel like I was wholly underprepared. I continued fighting and ran the majority of the half-marathon but the performance left me entirely unsatisfied. The heat was unavoidable and with little shade on the course, there was just no way to cool down. I did my best to control the damage. This run was my slowest half-marathon out of my 4 half-irons.

Post-Race —–> Happy to finish and see my girlfriend. My stomach decided it was not going to digest anything so I had the pleasure of experiencing that unique combination of feeling famished yet at the same time expecting to puke any second. This was the worse I have felt after a race and I am pretty sure the heat was partly to blame.



  • I overestimated my level of fitness
  • Underprepared (planned nutrition and logistics on the fly)
  • I STILL do not perform well in the heat


  • Motivated to get more focused in my training
  • Developed a good base of fitness for Chicago Marathon in Oct
  • Came to the realization that I have not been pushing myself in training. Been on a fitness plateau for weeks.