Tri to Run

by rchackman

I was getting tired of the logistics of the swim-bike-run lifestyle. And then this comes along..

Apparently, Chicago Marathon had some issues with registration this year. Registration for Chicago is normally held on a fist come, first served basis. This year, it was set to open online at 12 noon on February 19th. However, the Active system was not prepared to handle the amount of traffic that registration garnered. A number of people were able to register but technical issues arose. The race directors put a stop to registration in order to figure out what to do. They finally decided to hold a lottery for the 15,000 remaining spots. Source: Runner’s World

It was a no brainer…

So I waited…..and got some good news that I had a week to decide whether I wanted to register for the race. I already made the decision when I decided to enter my name into the lottery. I  decided (and got approval from my girlfriend) that if I get a spot, I’d sign up for the Chicago Marathon!

A journey of 26.2 miles begins with a single click”


Some thoughts: I am very excited to change my focus from training for an iron-distance triathlon to a marathon. I have been interested in running far longer than triathlon even though my first foray into endurance sports and racing has been triathlon. I had to run, against my will, during football and soccer practices all through high school. Later, I went through several running phases in college and spent many an evening jogging around the campus at University of Florida. Now, I could not be more excited to train for my first marathon.

Follow along as I document the whole experience, all the way from registration through the 2013 Chicago Marathon on October 13. Next post, I will give a look into how I “internet-stumbled” across the training plan I chose to follow. Briefly, I am doing an 18 week plan that will help me get ready for the big day.