Week 9 – Downhill

by rchackman

I know we all have our own little mental tricks to keep ourselves motivated and pushing through a swim, bike, or run. Well,  any form of exercise for that matter. Some mental tricks may even vary by sport.

One of my go-to motivating thoughts on a  run comes at the halfway point. Whenever I notice that I have covered half the distance on a run, I have a recurring thought that goes a little something like this, “halfway done…It’s all downhill from here”. Of course, it’s not actually downhill. And as most of us know, the second half of a run is usually harder than the first. But that is exactly the point of a mental trick, attitude or adjustment; to convince yourself or make yourself believe that whatever challenge lies ahead can be conquered. It helps when you have some momentum pushing you forward as well.

So now that I’m halfway through my 18 week training plan for the Chicago Marathon, the same applies here. “halfway done…It’s all downhill from here”. I have a great routine going. I’ve hit my times, mileage and have put in some real great work up to this point. I know most of the longest runs in my training plan are in front of me but I plan to ride that momentum from the first half on through the second half. Bring it.

Monday August 5

5:30 AM – 60:00 trainer Bike


5:20 AM – Run

  • 4 miles – 38:30 – 9:36 mins/mile

Went to the airport and flew to Dallas for work right after my run.


6:15 AM (Dallas, TX – Central time zone) – Run

Flew home in the PM.


8:10 PM – Run

  • 10 min walk
  • 4 miles – 31:53 – 7:53 mins/mile
  • 10 min walk

Friday – Day off


1:15 PM – treadmill Run

  • 15 min walk
  • 5 miles – 45:00 – 9 mins/mile

2:15 PM – 30:00 Elliptical

Sunday August 11

5:20 AM – Run

  • 10 min walk
  • 13 miles – 1:55:33 – 8:53 mins/mile
  • 10 min walk

Run Miles: 35

Total Time: 6:47:36