Week 14 – Trial

by rchackman

Found out on mid-Monday that a case I had been working on was starting trial the next day. Basically, you know there is a chance that trial may start but it is usually contingent on other cases that have priority. Since the other cases ahead of this case were resolved, we were told by the Court that our case was starting our 4 day trial on Tuesday. I decided not to push it too much in training and put my focus on work since it required longer hours and was a lot more stressful than the usual.

Monday Sep 9 – Off

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – Off


6:45 AM – treadmill Run

  • 5 miles – 48:00 – 9:36 mins/mile


6:30 PM – 60:00 trainer Bike


3:15 PM – 30:00 trainer Bike

Sunday September 15

1:30 PM – Long Run

  • 15 miles – 2:20:00 – 9:20 mins/mile

I was scheduled for a 12 mile run but since I didn’t run much this week, I bumped it up to a 15 mile run.

Total Miles: 20

Total Time: 4:38:00