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You might be a runner if…

Dear Running in the USA,

This post is a way to show my appreciation for your website, an excellent resource for runners nationwide! Thank you!

Also, it is no secret that I am a fan of Twitter. That being said, below is a compilation of tweets from Running in the USA. But it is not just any compilation. No, No, No! In my opinion, these are the…

Top 10 tweets from Running in the USA:

I would rather just not know the IT band existed.

Well said.

I prefer to call it meditation on the go….

Most importantly……



Ode: retired Brooks Launch

Do not take this seriously. This is one big joke. Actually, go with whatever floats your boat.

a tribute poem to my recently retired running shoes “Day after Day”

Day after day

just running away

through rain and sunshine

my legs feeling fine, just fine fine

still and all smiling for miles, many miles

through to the other side of runners’ highs and trials

so it is a heartfelt thanks to you I say,running day after day

Look at that focus! No secrets here....it all starts with the shoes

Respect the Shoes!

through good times....

Miami Man 70.3

....and bad times. Barely standing. Hurting.

Notice my Brooks Launch letting me have the spotlight at my big finish - HITS Naples 140.6

Brooks Launch – Shoe Hall of Fame Inductee 2012 (Notable Accomplishments):

– Atlantic Coast 70.3                 – Miami Man 70.3

– Marathon 13.1 Miami              – Disney Wine and Dine Half-Marathon

– Fall Foliage Half Marathon      – Latin Music Miami Beach Half Marathon

– HITS Naples 140.6

I will leave you with one thought (especially if you grew up in the 90’s). Is it the man? or…

To Race or Not to Race

That is the question I am struggling with today. While, I love the atmosphere of most races, I am certainly not in the kind of shape I would like to be. Then again, as an amateur, I have the luxury to show up and turn in a far from stellar performance….So the real question remains, will I be happy with just going out and running 13.1 miles for fun.

The thoughts above all stem from my indecisiveness on whether to run in the Miami Beach 13.1 Marathon this weekend. I know I am far from the shape I was in last season. As I discussed in my last post, Wedding Season, I have been enjoying the party life as of late. Going in to the race, I will have to be content with….just running ! i have little to no chance at a personal best. I may very well end up struggling as I have not been training for this. I can keep it conservative and go at my own pace but what will my ego think of this? haha.

I know I am not the fastest, nor the slowest. However, runners and athletes alike have expectations for themselves. Falling short of our own expectations can be demeaning……if we let it be that way. Therefore, there is a good chance I will be running this weekend as I cannot let my ego get in the way of good, old fashion fun.