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Swim Miami

How could I miss an opportunity like this? A challenging open water swim in South Florida. I couldn’t let something like this pass me by even if not entirely ready.

What: Swim Miami

Distance: Originally 5k – reduced to 1 mile after weather issues

When: April 22, 2012

Where: Off 395 behind Parrot Jungle in Miami Beach, Florida

Swim Miami

Those were the thoughts that prompted me to sign up for Swim Miami 2012.   I had only made the decision the day before the race but figured I was in good enough shape to do so. Swim Miami was offering a 10k, 5k, 1mile and 800m swim in the intracoastal, right off I-395 in Miami Beach. I decided the 5k would be a good challenge and also help me build some endurance early in the season.

Bring it on!

The weather had other plans. Of course,  a storm rolls in Friday evening. It is only fitting. So race morning, Saturday, was looking pretty ugly. I wasn’t sure if the organizers would even let us swim at all. I was expecting the worst. However, the organizers decided that the 10k and 5k swim were cancelled. However, they would allow all of us to swim the mile if we wanted to.

The view from the start

So i waited for my heat and jumped in. Had a great time! The mile loop was confusing at best. The course looked something like this.

Swim Miami course

Only problem with the course was that we were swimming around and through sail boats that all looked the same. It was pretty disorienting at times. I loved it! There were a few times I had to look around at other people to make sure I was even going the right way. Gotta enjoy the little difficulties when you can.

The view from the finish line

So all in all it was a great swim. The bay was choppy and the current was strong. However, I didn’t have to deal with any of these…

How many white sharks in the bag?

However, I think I’m either allergic to seaweed or I got some sea lice. My body itches and I have a bunch of red dots all over the place. Somehow ended up with a few cuts as well. Not quite sure how that happened. Either way, I had a blast.

The swim was listed as a mile. However, I am sure I swam all over the course. Why swim in a straight line when you can swim all over the place?

In the end, my Garmin claims – – –

Distance: 1.23 miles

Time: 43 mins, 25 seconds



What a year ! I could not be happier with my results for this year… All the early morning workouts, two-a-days, discipline and hard work paid off. It was very fulfilling for me to stick to a plan, execute, and achieve the goal I was aiming for. I did some races earlier in the year but started training hard at the beginning of August after I took the Florida Bar. Some days were tough and some days were just a pleasure….all in all, I enjoyed every minute of the journey!

After I took the Florida Bar, I signed up for the half-iron at Miami Man. I trained hard for 16 weeks as an unemployed graduate of law school. When Miami Man was fast approaching and I had a job in place, I decided to extend my season and attempt my first iron-distance triathlon, which happened to be just 8 weeks after Miami Man. I had an aggresive training plan for the half-iron so I decided to just go for it… So I started work the Monday after Miami Man and kept training hard for my iron-distance tri. And on the first weekend in January 2012 I had a great race at HITS Naples where I came in just under 12 hours to cap off an excellent season.

I compiled all the stats below, which took me some time, because I had written everything by hand in 2011. This year, I have gone digital with Training Peaks but that is a conversation for another time.

Notable Stats

Total Time on a Bike: 154 hours, 40 minutes

  • The time equivalent of 6 and a half days

Total Time Running: 128 hours

Total Run Distance: 713.55 miles

  • The distance from Hollywood, Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Total Time Swimming: 58 hours

Total Swim Distance: 145,740 Meters (90.5 miles)

  • The equivalent distance from Key West, Florida to the nearest point in Cuba

90 miles to Cuba

Total time of Brick workouts: 29 hours, 20 mins

Total Time Other**: 56 hours, 25 minutes

Total time of events: 28 hours, 20 minutes

  • Events made up only 6% of all time spent working out….

2011 TOTAL TIME: 455 hours

  • Most time in a week: 18 hours, 5 minutes
  • Most time in a weekend: 10 hours, 15 mins

Races: I did 11 events in 2011…. No, that was not planned !

**Other includes (from greatest to least time) Elliptical, strength training, basketball, soccer, rowing, swim/run workouts, and walking

Disclaimer: The run miles and swim meters are not exact….Sometimes I like to leave the equipment at home on runs. However, I assure you the miles I actually ran are likely higher than my estimation because I gave very conservative estimates based on run time. Also, I am a stickler for data so I did GPS the majority of my runs. Similarly, some swims early in the year were just timed but, I gave very conservative estimates for those distances as well.